Top and Healthy Reasons to Indulge in Nordic Spa Treatment

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Nordic bath circuit is an ancient hydrotherapy popular among Scandinavians for relaxation. This thousand-year-old therapy has been recognized as first-class health and well-being treatment. Worldwide spas have adapted Nordic bath circuit.

What is Nordic spa?

Nordic bath circuit includes an array of treatments. It begins with working up sweat in wood heated sauna and plunge in an ice-cool river/pool. This process is repeated for few times. Finally, you get to unwind in eucalyptus steam bath. At Strom Spa Nordique [Nordic spa treatments at Storm Spa] you can enjoy relaxation in a bubble chair.

This sharp disparity between too hot and too cold has taken the world by storm because of many reasons.

Restore skin tone and elasticity

Nordic spa is natural and safe way to attain healthy skin and glow. Heat from sauna raises body temperature and dilates the pores. Toxins from the skin get flushed out. The chilled water helps to firm the skin. This is a perfect non-invasive anti-age therapy.

Stimulates your immune system

When body experiences shocking sensation due to series of hot and cold dips, blood pressure rises as well as blood vessels contract. This stimulation increases metabolic rate of your immune system. Production of white blood cell increases, energy supply regenerates, and your body feels invigorated.

Soothes joints

Steam bath relieves people suffering from pains of arthritis, rheumatism, or other degenerative joint issues. People not suffering from joint condition can enjoy muscle relaxation, get stress-free, and improve sleep quality. Gym goers praise steam baths because it heals and recovers overworked muscles more quickly.

Similar workout effects

Nordic spa offers healthy bloodstream flow along with efficient metabolism. It offers the same satisfaction feel as you gain after sweating on stationary bike or a treadmill. This does not mean you need to abstain from your workout routines.

Pamper yourself

Today, multitasking is necessary to thrive and stay productive. Therefore, you always feel stressed. Running oneself to the ground is not absolutely virtuous. Pamper yourself in going for a Nordic spa therapy without any guilt.

Feel relaxed and happy

Toxins from your body get eliminated and blood circulation improves with Nordic spa. Moreover, endorphins or happy hormones get released. Endorphins enhance your mood accompanied with optimistic and energizing viewpoint of life.

Nordic spa even relieves light asthma, cold symptoms and promotes weight loss. With all these health benefits you need to book an appointment soon!