Where and how to market Used Medical Equipment

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Not have the time, sources or experience to market your used medical equipment yourself? You are not by yourself! Most medical facilities have much more important problems that need attention versus battling with the difficult nuances connected with selling their used equipment. Think of the headaches connected with attempting to research realistic prices for the equipment, or manufacturer details to have an attractive listing, handling warranty issues, handling all of the calls, emails and voicemails connected with selling your equipment. It may become overwhelming very rapidly.

There’s help! There are a handful of legitimate options that will help you in re-selling used equipment. Hospitals, Clinics, Physicians, Imaging Centers, Laboratories, Research Facilities, Universities, Medical Equipment Importers & Exporters all benefit with these options in re-selling their used medical equipment.

The normal options are listed below:

Listing Services

Listing services are great for simple low ticket products however they certainly get their limitations. They are doing charge a smaller sized fee, nevertheless, you get that which you purchase with this particular option. Having a standard listing company, typically you simply place an add for that equipment and you’ve got to field all of the telephone calls, emails etc…. Meaning you will need to investigate the product using the manufacturer, you might want to cope with warranty issues, merchandise returns, repairs, shipping and packaging etc…. For greater ticket, more complicated equipment this isn’t usually the best choice.


Dealers and wholesalers could be a good resource if you’re selling equipment rapidly. They often possess a fairly good grasp from the equipment with respect to the manufacturer and model. They are able to result in the process simple enough, nevertheless the disadvantage to this really is you normally is only going to get pennies around the dollar offers from their store for that equipment. If you’re attempting to increase your roi for that used equipment. There’s another option which encompasses the very best of these two two options.

Consignment Companies

Consignment companies offer the very best of all possible worlds, they are able to provide a fast process. They are able to handle all the logistics ie..listing the gear, handling telephone calls and email queries, manufacturer details and research, prices research, warranty issues, shipping and packaging, insurance and repairs. The charges are usually 25% from the final purchase cost and therefore are worthwhile thinking about all of the headaches they can help you save.

You normally have a range of maintaining your equipment at the facility or you require the space, the gear could be arranged to become selected up and stored for you personally. You may expect in some instances to get around 50-60% more income on the consignment purchase versus selling the gear outright to some dealer or wholesaler / retailer.

Their sales experts focus on selling used equipment for example: surgical tables, laboratory equipment, aesthetic lasers, patient monitors, surgery lights, hospital equipment, surgical equipment, emergency medical equipment and a multitude of other used equipment. They provide an excellent value to medical facilities by supplying the characteristics and reliability they require while still fitting inside their budget, not waste time and growing your roi.

It’s not necessary to be worried about being burdened with the difficulties connected with reselling your used medical equipment. You will find certainly companies which will make simple to use! They provide a totally free consultation on reselling your used equipment to go over every detail along with you. You need to provide just as much detail for them as you possibly can like the year, mfg and type of the gear you will need assist with. It certainly will help you get a much greater roi.

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