8 Conditions That a Naturopath Can Assist With

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Naturopathy is part of the holistic health movement that aims to achieve an overall balance for the whole body. It uses holistic healing techniques like acupuncture, diet and herbal medicine to help your body heal on its own. If you suffer from any conditions that are troubling you and modern medicine doesn’t have the answers, a naturopath in Melbourne can tailor an individual approach to help address your health concerns. Here are some conditionsthat a naturopath may be able to assist with. 


Allergies such as hayfever often occur as a result of a poor digestive and immune system. Treatment with a naturopath in Melbourne can help to provide relief from symptoms such as runny nose, watering eyes and itchy throat. If your allergies get triggered in the spring, it’s a good idea to start treatment a few months earlier. 


Headaches are often caused by hormonal imbalances, bad nutrition or dehydration. To identify what’s causing your headaches, a naturopath will check your history and examine you. Knowing where a headache actually comes from helps them to find the right approach to take.


People who are striving to get pregnant are often left frustrated and tired by the lack of success after a long time spent trying to conceive. While the mainstream approach to infertility is expensive and complicated, naturopathy offers a more gentle and simple approach forimproving the chances of conception. Natural methods are used to naturally boost fertility for women and men, helping to increase the likelihood of falling pregnant.


Obesity is a growing problem for many people. For patients suffering from obesity, naturopathswork tofind the root cause and then replace bad lifestyle choices withmore positive ones. A diet and lifestyle plan is also madeto help the patient naturally lose weight. 

Hormonal Problems

Hormones control everything in the body. When your hormones are out of balance, they can impact on the way you function on a daily basis, with everything from your appetite to your sexual activity affected by hormonal issues. A naturopath in Melbourne can suggesta combination of diet, herbs and treatment to help regulate the hormone levels in the body.


Instead of turning to drugs for pain, which can have numerous side effects, the way of naturopathy is to fix the reason for the pain instead of simply suppressing it. With naturopathy, exercise, natural supplements and physical therapy are all encouraged for the treatment of chronic pain.


Fatigue can occur as a result of physical or mental strain, immune disorders, hormonal imbalances, and other conditions within the body that were left untreated for long periods of time. A naturopath in Melbourne will focus on treating the physical body and boosting energy levels through natural methods. 

 Low Moods and Anxiety

Through the eyes of naturopathy, low moods, anxiety and other mental illnesses have an underlying health condition. Nutrition is a powerful tool when it comes to moods, as chemicals incertain foodscan alter the way in which the brain and nervous system function. Through the use of exercise, physical therapy and lifestyle changes, it’s possible to experience relief from low moods and anxiety.